What Does an Angle Grinder Do

An angle grinder is also known by a couple of other names that include side grinder or disc grinder. This is a power tool used for work requiring polishing, cutting and grinding. Angle grinders are used for removing excess materials from metal, wood, and other items. This tool is popular in metalworking and construction jobs. You can find the best angle grinder being used in service garages, workshops, automobile repair body shops and more.

What Does an Angle Grinder Do

Angle GrinderAn angle grinder can abrasively remove metal material, sharpen drill bits, rounding off corners, shaping, sanding on wood, making smooth finishes, making small cuts, cutting types of masonry and more. It is also a great tools for sharpening garden tools, lawn mower blades, axes, and shovels. Never wear long sleeves when using and angle grinder because they may get caught in the fast spinning wheel.

An angle grinder can be used for cutting tile, removing mortar, removing paint, removing rust, grinding steel and more. Angle grinders are very versatile because different wheels can be attached. You may attach thick wheels, abrasive wheels, thin wheels and more. A wire brush wheel attachment can be used for cleaning rust or cement. A metal cutoff wheel attachment is perfect for cutting re-bar.

The diamond blade attachment is used for cutting and a grinding wheel attachment is excellent for restoring edges shovels, ice scrapers and axes. Using the grinding wheel is much easier than using a chisel and a hammer.

Safety When Using Angle Grinder

Face shield and gloves should be worn when using an angle grinder to prevent debris from getting into the eyes, metal pieces from sticking into the skin of hands and face. If you plan on changing wheels when in the middle of a job, then the angle grinder should be unplugged. Always use the guards and run new wheels for a minute to make sure there are no defects. Angle grinders produce sparks and should not be used around anything flammable.

Angle grinders are often used in emergency rescues like helping to cut open metal on automobiles. Angle grinders have many uses and they also have a long history that dates back to 1954 when the tool originated. Angle grinders may be purchased in different sizes, with different speeds, and more. This tool can be used for light duty jobs to heavy duty jobs. Different powered angle grinders are electric or pneumatic. Choose a pneumatic grinder for light duty jobs. Choose an electric grinder for heavy duty jobs.